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External projects

Other gymnosperm genome projects

The Picea glauca genome has been de novo assembled by the SMarTForests project. Read the paper describing their genome assembly. The assembly is available at NCBI.

The Pinus taeda genome has been assembled by the PineRefSeq project and is available for download (please read their data release policy).

There are two publications describing the assembly and annotation of the Pinus taeda genome.

Useful links

The TreeGenes database and dendrome project website is an extremely useful resource for a range of genomic and genetic data.

The Conifer Genome Network

The ProCoGen project, which will be generating an assembly of the Pinus sylvestris genome as well as a range of genetic and genomic resources for conifer species.

Conifer Genomics Learning Modules developed by The Conifer Translational Genomics Network (CTGN) and the Conifer Reference Genome Sequencing (PineRefSeq) Project.

The Hardwood Genomics Project for Comparative genomics of environmental stress responses in North American hardwoods.

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