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Pabies 1.0 gene not found

Chromosome Start End Confidence Trinity id Subject length Subject coverage Subject strand Query strand
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Gene Description based on Blast2GO:

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Gene Ontology values could not be found for gene.

PFAM ID could not be found for gene.

CDS Sequence
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Genomic Sequence ( strand)     upstream:    downstream:   
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>:-[0 nucleotides] 

Peptide Sequence
>[0 residues] 

PlantGenIE GeneLists

Gene Family Genes
Amborella trichopodascaffold00021.42;
Arabidopsis thalianaAT3G58610;
Oryza sativa ssp. japonicaOS05G49800; OS01G46380; OS02G05780;
Oryza sativa ssp. japonicaOL03G02460;
Physcomitrella patensPP00228G00010; PP00290G00280; PP00225G00380;
Picea abiesMA_10427706g0010; MA_210084g0010; MA_10030665g0010; MA_599207g0010; MA_848317g0010; MA_9934912g0010; MA_10433510g0010;
Pinus taedaPITA_000003787-RA; PITA_000009028-RA; PITA_000024311-RA; PITA_000055954-RA; PITA_000017361-RA;
Populus trichocarpaPotri.011G052700; Potri.004G043700; Potri.014G055100; Potri.019G089400; Potri.013G117500; Potri.019G089100;
Vitis viniferaVV12G02700; VV10G02060; VV10G02070; VV06G00830; VV16G07250;
Zea maysZM03G36160; ZM03G33190; ZM09G08630;

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